Heady | adj. \’he-dē \

1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Carlos V

Jun 132014

Earlier in the year we were lucky enough to discover the sounds of Romo, a So-Cal native beatmaker perfecting his sound in “abstract, chill hop” and jazzy, trip-hop beats. Classify him where you wish but do not make the mistake of skipping out on his latest compilation ‘Listen, Love (Epilogue)’. The compilation arrives to bring an end to his ‘ Listen, Love’ series. Finishing off the catalog with a fourth installments, Romo channels his personal and musical development into the compilation, giving us a provocative twelve track bundle of stimulating, rich, and vibrant electronic productions. With splashes jazz, hip-hop, turntabalism, ambient, downtempo influences, ‘Listen, Love (Epilogue)’ effortlessly lures you into to experience an auditory tale of emotion, passion, and knowledge.

Download ‘Listen, Love (Epilogue)’ Here

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Jun 122014

Heavy sleeper when it is time to wake? ‘The Track Of Dawn’, is exactly what is sounds like and will come in handy the next time you have to wake up early in the morning for a commitment. Precisely as the title implies, Yellowjacket’s contribution to Cold Busted’s ‘Busted Free 16‘ is a rich and fruitful way to start the morning. While the opening segments of the song resonates with the cacophony of an alarm clock ring, Yellowjacket beautifully transitions the noise into a harmonious, uplifting instrumental production that graces your auditory cavity with gentle melodies, refreshing percussion, and a radiant brass solo that’ll warm up your blood.

Download Here

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Jun 112014

On July 2nd, Darkside and Virtual Recess will be releasing their collaborative ‘Extra Dimentional Concepts EP’ on Nuages Records. The album is excepted to bring us a dense compilation of chilled and sedative instrumental productions, laced with an intoxicating coolness. ‘Hap Turas’ was released courtesy of Nuages Records to give us a taste of the forthcoming installment to the US trip-hop, downtempo and jazz label’s catalog. Gear it up and allows yourself to be carried away by the dusky keyboard walks, vinyl scratches, and brass bursts.

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Jun 112014

The City of Angels’s talented betaking virtuoso is showcasing sounds from his forthcoming album, ‘Bloomsday’, and they are not to be missed. ‘Intimate’ is exactly what the title sounds like; a sensual excursion through a deep, harmonic, soulful, and sultry musical soundscape. There isn’t much detail on the type or scope of release that ‘Bloomsday’ will be but we can get a savory taste of what to expect with this smooth and seductive instrumental delight.

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Jun 112014

Needing to kick back and unwind? DJ Jimmy Mac has graced The Jazz Jousters twenty-first podcast with a delectable assortment of jazz flavored productions that will lift up your mood and soothe your nerves. The one hour mix contains a variety of compositions all boasting with flavorful instrumental licks, brass, percussion and vocals bits for a warm soul. The podcast has been delivered for free and should effortlessly enliven your day in the first minutes listen. Do indulge.

Download Here

The Jazz Jousters podcast #21 by DJ Jimmy Mac by Millennium Jazz Music on Mixcloud

Pawcut – Law Of Nature
BeNeVoLeNce – DreamLove Logic
Ogi feel the Beat – Smooth Operation
Pawcut – I Am Dangerous
Mr. Moods – Meeting At The Park With Charlie
Keor Meteor – Staten Island Italians
B 3 N B I v DJ Krush – Mac Flippz Tha Birdee
DJ Mentos – Take Two
Lord Echo – Ghost Hands
Gil Scott Heron – Offering
Jack Wilkins – Red Clay
Dave Pile/Chick Corea – La Playa
Johnny Lyte – Screaming Loud
Bobby Peterson Quintet – The Hunch
Horace Silver – Tokyo Blues Part 1
Freddie McCoy – Belly Full of Greens
Joe Lutcher – Ojai
Jimmy Mac – Thomas Gets Nasty

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Jun 042014

Italdred has been steadily providing the trip-hop and hip-hop instrumental listening community with a dense selection of productions from producers that would likely not receive recognition without their efforts. The London based label recently released ‘Chronic Organicism Part 4.’, the final installment to their ‘Chronic Organicism’ series and rich and deluxe compliment to bundles 1-3. While the fourth installment to ‘Chronic Organicism’ is shorter than its predecessors, if you’re looking for a compilation filled with releases from obscure and unknown producers, that all harbor a smooth and relaxing musical undertone dive head first into the twenty-nine track package. ‘Chronic Organicism Part 4.’ is available for free download on Bandcamp.

Download Here

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Jun 032014

Earlier in the year Florent Campana, a well-versed and seasoned music producer, sound designer and engineer, unveiled and infused his debut album, ‘Et Dieu Pour Tous’, into the digital sphere of electronic music. Finding his niche in the downtempo, electronic lounge domain, Campana’s ‘Et Dieu Pour Tous’, French for “And God For All”, was well received among listeners with its liberating electronic undertones, alluring drum work, celestial and pacifying instrumental leads. ‘Velvet & Air’ is a favorite pick from the album as it emits an intoxicating wave of hypnotic, tropical musical fragrances that rivet serenity to reality. Campana has graciously provided a full stream of the album if you’re interested in exploring more of his sounds.

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Jun 032014

The latest release to hit the shelves on Paxico Records comes from Long Beach producer Ahwlee, who compiles his latest collection of beats in a nineteen -track beat tape title ‘1991’. Paxico Records, is among some of the last surviving labels that distributes releases in the form of cassette tapes. That said, you can take a guess that there is a vintage and ol’ school,  hip-hop instrumental flavor preserved in these releases, and there are plenty of salacious samples and snippets to keep you satisfied several times around.

Before you take a listen, here are some notable human achievements to peruse through, which might have forgotten took place in 1991…

• Internet is made available to unrestricted commercial use and number of computers on the net reaches 1 million
• Linus Torvalds releases first version of the Linux operating system kernel
• The American Galileo spacecraft makes its closest approach to 951 Gaspra, becoming the first probe to visit an asteroid
• Microsoft Releases MS Dos 5.0
• Blue Roses produced by Genetic Engineering
• Tim Berners-Lee introduces the web browser.
• Ahwlee uses current technology to start recording 1991


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Jun 032014

Without fail, Mr FijiWiji repeatedly surfaces with productions that effortlessly move their way into your pores and hit home at the heart. The latest release from the young yet multi-talented producer comes in the form of a remix of Myon & Shane 54 + Late Night Alumni’s ‘Under Your Cloud’. Though Mr FijiWiji himself admittedly states that this resonates that this was made in his “older style”, we’ll take it. Regardless of whether it was crafted with an old or new style, the Pittsburg based producer crafts a hypnotic take on ‘Under Your Cloud’, laced with a chilling ambience, mesmerizing key chords, and a flooring, smooth breakdown. The remix is part of a multi-remix compilation which can be downloaded courtesy of Ride Recordings.

Download Here

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Jun 032014

Hailing from Bradford, West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, HashFinger has brought a his latest compilation to the table on a glistening, platinum-core platter. Spanning twenty-one sultry and succulent productions, HashFinger lures his listener into the auditory story of ‘Lessons’ with a mystical and enchanted combination of musical aromas, sounds, rhythms, samples, instrumental licks, and breaks. An all-encompassing album, capable of turning the heads of music listeners of all types, ‘Lessons’ stimulates the deepest neural networks of your brain with an immaculate fusion of musical origins, from jazz, trip-hop, world, and downtempo, to hip-hop, turntablism, lounge and soul. Music is timeless so if you’re late on the ‘Lessons’ upswing, do make sure to snag this one up for keeping. Digital and limited vinyl copies are available now through Bandcamp.

Download Here

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