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2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Carlos V

Jun 182014

One of the masterminds behind ‘Chrome Waves‘, the acclaimed album from electronica, funk-house dutch trio Kraak & Smaak, is set to bring some cooled summer waves to three major US cities. Mark Kneppers, who recently completed a tour with fellow group members Oscar de Jong & Wim Plug, is set to embark on a solo Kraak & Smakk run in Washington D.C., The Big Apple, and Chicago for four consecutive DJ sets. These performances will be the culmination of Kraak & Smaak’s US shows before they travel back to Europe for remaining summer performances. Tickets are as low as $8 so if you’re looking to get whipped up in an exciting dancing escaped this weekend, be sure to catch Kneppers spinning if these show are near you.

Show Information:

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Jun 182014

Earlier in the year Feed Me solidified his official return to tour life with the announcement of his north american tour, ‘Psychedelic Journey’. The tour is centered around the release of his forthcoming EP and is now finalized with the present additions to the initial tour schedule. Added to the schedule are stops in Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and Royal Oak. Supporting acts have yet to be announced but tickets are on sale for all listed dates. If you’ve missed the teasers from Feed Me’s forthcoming EP,‘Psychedelic Journey’, be sure to check them out below.

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Jun 182014

If you’re not familiar with the name, it is never too late to delve into the sounds and catalog of France’s remarkably talented and active duo, The Geek x Vrv. These two have  always been a breath of fresh, rejuvenating air in the midst of the often suffocating and muggy atmosphere of electronic music. Heavy contenders in their domain, The Geek x Vrv have established themselves as an immensely versatile and proficient combination with a touch and taste for masterfully blending inlfuences into a bubbling stew of soulful-electronic jazz-hop funk.

As you’d expect from the name, ‘B.T.O.S Volume 3’ is the third installation to their B.T.O.S series which has thus far been an indulging treat. B.T.O.S Volume 3 is nothing less with its offering of a musical remedy for any time, setting, or state of mind. From the mood-lifting, body-girrating anthems like ‘Around You’ and ‘Trumpet Dancing’, to the cashmere-soft and smooth interludes like ‘Midnight Thoughts’ and ‘Good Bye’, The Geek x Vrv’s knack for tastefully infusing electronic sounds and hip-hop stylings into the fibers of soul, funk, and jazz will leave no ear unsatisfied. ‘B.T.O.S Volume’ 3 is available for free or for a courteous donation via Bandcamp.

Download Here

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Jun 182014

One of the most dedicated and skilled beatmakers in the Northeastern part of the United States, Brock Berrigan has returned with a new single in the wake of his recent, full length LP, ‘Two AM‘. ‘The Night Is Young’ is Brock’s recent contribution to Rootnote Collective’s first mixed artist compilation, ‘Six Deep‘. The compilation embraces nuances of experimental, hip-hop, electronic, jazz, soul, funk, and electro, and Brock Berrigan makes a bouncy yet seductively smooth instrumental appearance on the album that’ll undoubtedly entice you to get up and shuffle your feet while the night is young.

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Jun 182014

The Jazz Jousters have returned with nothing short of what you’d except from one of the most active and classy, jazz, hip-hop fusion music community. The Jazz Jousters fall under the wing of Millennium Jazz Music and ‘New Genesis’ emerges in celebration of The Jousters two-year anniversary together and the thirty-fourth compilation release, all in tribute to jazz music. You’ll find that the fifteen track album is packed with some delicious jazz-flavored releases from some talented producers like Pawcut, Esk-K, Mr. Moods, SmokedBeat and many more. The Jazz Jousters, yet again, successfully pack a new compilation with some classy, flavorful, and colorful jazzy samples and fashioned beats.

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Jun 172014

We’ve known Party Ghost to be incredibly well-versed in producing electronic music, but his latest compilation just might be the greatest testament to that statement. Once a steady crafter of explosive and exhilarating productions ranging from electro and dubstep, to mid-temp and mash-ups, Party Ghost has flipped the script with the delivery of his recent EP, ‘VPR’.

Spread over four productions, ‘VPR’ is an idyllic example of how a producer can evolve and transform their style and sound to create works of music that still have the capacity to grab and engage their listeners. While ‘VPR’ doesn’t quite have your typical Party Ghost electro stompers, it is nonetheless filled with moving, emotionally rich and lustrous arrangement of electronic sounds from emotive vocal bits, stirring hi-hats, and punchy snares to deep kick drums, burst of spirited melodies and anthemic breakdowns. Whether this is a new direction for Party Ghost or an simply experimental EP, we’ll take it either way, with pleasure.

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Jun 172014

Froxic is an emerging Dutch electronic music producer who, as of late, has been garnering an increasing amount of support and attention for his productions. Recognized as of Plasmapool’s many talented and creative producers, Froxic is still receiving praise for his ‘Fracture EP’, which hit the shelves back in May of this year, so much that the EP anthem, ‘You Can Dance’ has been re-released as a single. With its spacy, mechanized vocals and a punchy, pop-style glitch-hop grind, ‘You Can Dance’ serves as an emphatic reminder that music will never loose its capacity to cause to you drop everything you’re doing and bounce rhythmically to a stirring soundscape.

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Jun 172014

Featured here upon the release of his ‘We Still Reminisce EP’ EP, YLWFRND (pronounced “Yellowfrind”), the Swedish solo-produced has returned with a new compilation for our ears. Released in conjunction with the celebration of his recent birthday, ‘MusicBox EP’, is a musical fairy tale that washes your mental state clean with waves of dreamy melodies, silky smooth drum fills, mesmerizing music box tricklings, all splashing to create all-absorbing misty cloud of harmonic hypnosis.

Download Here

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Jun 162014

If you’ve been been a consistent listener of electro-house, you’ve most likely been captured by the sounds of Edmond Huszar, the solo-pioneer of the successful musical project, OVERWERK. Huszar sits on a catalog of widely successful electro-house productions and with the official announcement of his debut American tour, the digital sensation will be bringing his sounds to a venue near you. Beginning July 4th, OVERWERK will travel from coast to coast stopping in places like Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Washington D.C. and The Big Apple. Tickets are on sale now for announced dates
via Wantickets. Sample some of OVERWERK’s releases on SoundCloud if you’re not familiar, but for those with knowledge of his sound and style, indulge in a preview of a forthcoming release which premiered in his tour teaser video.

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Jun 162014

It is without question that Kill Emil has risen to become one of more talented beatmakers fromGreece. We have had the pleasure of featuring several of his releases on this thread, and this month we take that pleasure once again as Kill Emil is celebrating the release of his third album, ‘Lights & Shadows’.

Out now on Beatquick, ‘Lights & Shawdows’ is a multi-faceted compilation that delicately illustrates a captivating musical narrative, cycling from dark and melancholic moods to uptempo and elated grooves. Hashfinger and Kill Emil’s fellow Greek countryman mononome make an appearance on the album, adding a two complimentary and tantalizing releases to the solo-album. Arguably one of Kill Emil’s most manicured and well-crafted release, ‘Lights & Shawdows’ provides a new, life-enriching elixir for the downtempo, trip-hop community to guzzle up for an eternity,

Download Here

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