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1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Carlos V

Nov 182014

Not much else can be desired from the Greek beatmaker mononome, a versatile musical craftsman who repeatedly delivers slates of lush and textured trip-hop/abstract hip-hop productions. Splicing and composing his musical narratives on an Akai MPC 2500, mononome swings a deep, emotive and melancholic groove into the base of his latest compilation ‘Tale Of The Phoenix’. The six track release comes filled with many of mononome’s signature drum sequencing patterns, warm basslines, dusty horn samples and vocal bits, as heard throughout ‘From The Ashes’. Pick apart the compilation in bits and pieces, or allow the rhythmic and emotive progression of the album carry you into a contemplative musical state.

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Nov 112014

Amsterdam-based label ZenSupremacy reeled in a gem for their most recent “fresh-guest release”. For those of you who follow Darker Than Wax, KA-YU may not need an introduction but if this is the first time your ears are filled with his synchronous vibrations, do take note. KA-YU sits on a catalog of resonant productions, creations which classifies as “feelgood” music. While his genre summary serves his music rather well, capture the true spectrum of his musical taste and influence with ‘Alohilani’, a hypnotic anthem laced with tight snare hits rolls, aromatizing synths, and soulful vocals for a seductive turbulent musical experience.

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Nov 112014

A collection of intricate electronic sounds and explorative styles can be found within the catalog of Atalanta Georgia’s Kolossus Records. The label recently featured a new single from чk., letters “y” and “k”, a UK based solo-production headed by Nathan Robertson who touts a relatively small fan base, but brings a tremendously full, textured, and absorbing sound to the table. Robertson’s musical craftsmanship and maturity ring clearly in ‘Rainbows and Skunks’, as he playfully syphons the listener through a harmonically vivid, oceanic-bass adventure. From the crest of cascading melodic waves to the deeper turnings and splashing of the single’s lower frequencies, чk. presents us with a glistening electronic-pearl production.

Download Here

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Nov 112014

Crafted with a crisp and fluid musical structure, Singularis layers another polished production onto his mountainous stack of electronic beats and rhythms with ‘Moonflower’. The release made an appearance on ‘The Trapdoor Records Records’, a multi-artists compilation featured and debuted by Mixmag earlier in the month and will effortlessly swirl you into a placable mood. Spiraling through aquatic melodies and purring baselines, the Dutch beat composer offers the opportunity for a refreshing indulgence in the tidal pools of hip-hop and electronic waves.

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Oct 132014

A sufficient allotment of time is needed to unravel the marvels crafted and hidden within Frequent’s most recent EP, ‘Fluidity EP’. A fast and impatient listen renders one incapable of immersing themselves in the undulating pools of musical textures and ambiances. The four-track compilation rises and falls through a billowing storm of deep, hypnotic hymns, trembling, vibronic baselines, swirling vocals verses, and tumultuous glitch-hop breakdowns, offering delight to those that find solace in musical compositions that cultivate a symbiotic relationship between the heavy and the blissful. ‘Fluidity EP’ is available available for free download or for purchase.

Download ‘Fluidity EP’ Here

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Aug 122014

French beatmaker ProleteR has steadily flushed the musical banks of abstract, hip-hop instrumentals with fluid, cohesive and stunningly attractive creations. With a discography rich in quantity and lush with lively quality, ProleteR adds a new compilation to his shelves with ‘Tribute to the Masters Vol. 1’, a six track assortment of ProleteR tribute remixes that bring new life to decades old classics such as ‘Hello Dolly’ by the great Louis Armstrong, ‘That’s Life’ by The Sultan of Swoon, Frank Sinatra, and ‘Having a Party’ by soul music icon, Sam Cooke. ProleteR adds a flavorful and stirring hip-hop bounce into each and every tribute, leaving you duly pleased with the blend of sounds new and old. Stream the full release and pick up a copy free of charge via Bandcamp.

Download Here

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Jul 012014

Germany’s Virtual Riot has charted a path of steadily syphoning productions into the stream of electronic music, and when doing so, thousands take to listen with an almost guaranteed certainty of being duly pleased. Musically versatile and armed with a skilled command of various sounds, Virtual Riot can bring you all the sensations aroused during an explosive, melodically rich, and floor-rumbling bass music experience, but wuith varying tempos or styles, and in do say, he never looses his grasp of how to continuously satisfy your musical interest and desires. ‘Earth & Sky’ emerges as the latest freebie from the German bass music juggernaut, offering you an entrance to an auditory landscapes swirling with dreamy, melodic delight, harmonized vocal chops, and of course, a volcanic burst of gritty, molten glitch-hop sound waves.

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Jun 202014

Hailing from Aachen, Germany, FloFilz can be easily classed withing tier Europes talented and tasteful jazzy beatmakers. While he might not get a ton of rave and acclaim, the man is no doubt skilled at what he does, and that entails piecing together what he calls “jazz sample based oldschool” productions. ‘Nutzlast’ was allegedly recorded from a 30-year tape, and if you’re questioning the authenticity, just give the track an invested listen. It is an investment worth making as FloFilz creates a simple yet intriguing production that floods your ears with jazzy piano walks, soothing brass, and some relaxing drumwork all wrapped up in a ol’ soul flavor.

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Jun 192014

Earlier in the year The Glitch Hop Community held a remix contest for MC2’s ‘Wesh Up‘, and glitch-hop duo Synergy emerged victorious this month. Synergy’s remix was officially released as part of a MC2 ‘Wesh Up Remixes’ compilation, which touts some heavy and stomping glitch-hop productions for all you mid-tempo fanatics. Lokid’s spin is simply a personal favorite; with its anthemic synth lines, finely tuned chops and samples, colossal yet crisp, bass-cradled breakdowns and irresistible, funk overtone its hard to deny this remix a handful of repeats. With that said, there is something thrilling to be found within each of the renditions on ‘Wesh Up Remixes‘ compilation.

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Jun 182014

Spain has quite a few bass music producers that are coming out with top of the line productions. Dubsidia, Save The Rave, and EH!DE might ring a bell if you loosely follow bass music coming out of that country. Our recent discovery of Different Heaven adds yet another promising producer to the list of talented Spanish bass music virtuosos.

Different Heaven is a 20-year-old music producer and DJ originating from Seville, Spain. He has a slew of productions ranging from electro-house and glitch-hop, to drumstep and progressive house. But today, Seville’s based producer brought something slight different to table: a monstrous dubstep original titled ‘Save Rhinos’. Instantly luring you into its musical structure with a punchy and upbeat intro, the original production breaks into a poppy, euro-synth backed build up around the forty second mark setting the stage for an unsuspected but immensely powerful and gritty dubstep breakdown. The perfect track to test the true capacity of your speakers, Different Heaven has generously offered up this monster for free.

Download Here

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