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Carlos V

Mar 032014

The stream of releases from I.Y.F.F.E has been pretty stagnant since the original duo split back in 2013. The group was reassembled and is now comprised of two of Brazil’s revered electronic music producers, Alex Mind and Darth Vader. After months of very little activity, I.Y.F.F.E has emerged with a new freebie titled ‘Mermaids’, in which the duo showcase a splendid assortment of electronic styles fused to create incendiary original production in which they categorize as “moombahglitchplextro” – a mouth full but you’ll grasp the idea once you give it a listen.

Download ‘Mermaids’ Here

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Mar 032014

Late last year, Rhodz gifted the electronic music community with a phenomenal electro-house EP, , which captured the attention of thousands upon thousands of listeners. For those electro-house fiends always in search of a new, enlivening fix, be sure to check out ‘‘ if you missed it and follow up with a double dose with his latest Funky Panda Records EP ‘Madness’. Rhodz latest six track EP cycles through all the vital electro-house elements that one could possibly to be delivered in one sitting. Whether your in need of a steady stream of uplifting, heartening melodies, crunchy baselines, shuddering synth work, or crisp and punchy drum work, Rhodz has it all arranged for you to devour for free.

Download ‘Madness EP’ Here

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Mar 032014

Never deny the possibility of an up-and-coming dusbtep producer making a name for themselves in the genre. Even though dubstep may lack some ingenuity and originality in some respects, there are still producer putting out some top-notch productions like EH!DE. The solo producer based out of Spain has been unleashing a flood of tracks that leave nothing standing in their tracks. Capable of delivering monstrous productions in numerous electronic music style, EH!DE’s niche undoubtedly rests in the realm of dubstep, evidence by his destructive remix of Protohype & 12th Planet’s ‘Like This’. The original track stands strong on its own but EH!DE puts his own, savory bass swing to it giving it some new life and appeal.

Download Here

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Mar 032014

Kairo Kingdom, one of Germany’s skilled and versatile duos, experienced its initial rise to fame via Simplify Recordings following the release of their highly successful debut EP ‘Boombox/One Two’. Since, Kairo Kingdom has been rapidly circulating through the realm of electronic music, stamping its style and sound onto numerous remixes and original productions alike. Today marks the release of their latest compilation, ‘I Love You/BeBe’, a gruesome mid-tempo gem that delivers a floor-rattling dose of shuddering frequencies, explosive breakdowns, and fiery chops, all packed into two first-rate productions. Stream the EP courtesy of Simplify Recordings and download an official copy on Beatport.

Download ‘I Love You/BeBe’ Here

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Feb 272014

CounterPoint Music Festival is rolling its way back into the electronic music festival circuit this year with a massive line-up, rivaling some of the biggest festival on the market right now. We know that the allure of Counterpoint for many might be some of the names resting at the top of the line-up like Outkast, Pretty Lights, Krewella, and Big Gigantic. And while no one can argue against catching any of those acts, here are a handful of performances that we’d encourage you to give some serious consideration to if you’re looking to dive beyond the headlining acts into some of the riches offered in the lower rows of CounterPoint’s jaw-dropping line-up.

The Floozies

With funk always in high demand, The Floozies will be your endless source of supply at CounterPoint. Still riding the success of their debut album ‘Tell Your Mother‘, brothers Matt and Mark Hill have garnered a wave of support with their fresh and inventive take on funk from the objective of electronic music. The duo is making its way up the ranks opening for acts like GRiZ and Lettuce and landing on major festival like SnowBall and Wakarusa and when The Floozies take the stage, you’ll want to make sure you’re there for their set from start to finish.

Shreddie Mercury

Jonathan Kane, aka Shreddie Mercury, has amounted a great deal of success at such a young age. You might recall the name from 2012 when he was announced as the winner of Zedd’s remix contest for his track with Matthew Koma, ‘Spectrum’. For those not familiar, Shreddie Mercury is a vastly talented electronic music producer who rivals his contemporaries with polished but explosive production that are typically complimented with a cascade of masterful melodic composition. Kane has seen his fair share of performances at top-tier festivals like TomorrowWorld and Electric Forest and there is no doubt that he will be igniting the crowd come April.

Pegboard Nerds

While many of you may already know Pegboard Nerds, they still tend to get put further down on the bottom lines of festival line-ups and there are arguably still a lot of CounterPoint attendees that might over look them. The Scandinavian duo is simply not to be missed. These two put always deliver energy intensive sets and that deliver a range of sounds and style that are mixed beautifully to get you off your feet. They push some of the heaviest and grittiest yet crisp sound through the speakers ranging from electro and drumstep to glitch-hop and moombahcore. If you’re looking for a set to pick you up off your feet for an extended period of time, this is one you should keep on your radar.

Butch Clancy

Butch Clancy has been a prominent presence in the electronic music arena for several years but for some reason, time and time again he seems to be omitted from multiple electronic music festival line-ups when they take shape. Butch is well known for crafting eclectic and energy intensive live sets that catch you by surprise with the track selections. The Detroit native will be making his first appearance at CounterPoint this year and if you’d like to ensure that you’ll walk away with memorable set from a non-headliner, Butch is the way to go.

Real Magic

Real Magic is the musical vision pioneered by California’s Drew Englander and while CounterPoint will undeniably be circulating with an overflow of good vibrations, Englander will be filling up the festival with even more uplifting sensations. Bringing live instrumentation, vocals, and electronic hardware onto the stage, Real Magic pushes the envelope of solo live electronic music performance with a dazzling display of musicianship. If there is one act on the lower-tier of the line-up that you should make an invested effort to catch, Real Magic will definitely not disappoint.

No one can or should be shamed for heading to CounterPoint to catch some of the bigger names on the line-up. The roster is packed with some incredible talent from top-down, but in an effort to capture the true essence of what the festival has to offer in regards to artists, familiarize yourself with some of the other acts at the bottom of the roster. There are so many performers, in addition to selected acts above, who are playing a pivotal role in making CounterPoint one of the most anticipated festivals of 2014. Musically, they have so much to offer and will all be playing an major part in bringing the memorable energy and life in which we expect CounterPoint to explode with.

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Feb 252014

Solidifying himself as one of Russia’s most talented beatmakers, Mr.KiD has consistently delivered a supply of fresh and musically rich productions, primarily hovering around the realms of trip-hop and jazz-hip-hop influenced productions. ‘After August’ is the most recent compilation put forth by the Surgut producer and while all of the release fall short of three minutes in length, each production on album gives you a satisfying dose of chilled beats, sedative melodies, and emotive vocal samples that combine to create a juicy assortment of stirring jazz and downtempo infused hip-hop beats.

Download ‘After August’ Here

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Feb 252014

A flawless balance of hip-hop and jazz, Blazo’s follow-up compilation to ‘Colors of Jazz‘ resonates with a flavor that many instrumental hip-hop fans are constantly in search of. If you’re bored with loops, Blazo delivers a slate of productions that cycle through various musical passages, giving each track a refined musical backbone with a sweeping flood of jazzy riffs and licks. With a story to be heard in every track, ‘Colors of Jazz 2’ captures your attentions with an immersive fusion of hip-hop influenced beats and a surplus of jazz seasoned melodies.

Download ‘Colors of Jazz 2’ Here

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Feb 252014

Currently residing in the Big Apple, Edo Lee shines among his contemporaries as talented beatmaker with an ear for making productions that strike with a soothing yet stimulating musical vibrance. ‘Black Coffee’ is the opening track off his most recent EP, ‘Sleepwalker’, and while it has been circulating for several weeks now, the track is yet another testament to music’s timeless properties. For anyone looking to be wooed into a realm of euphoric melodies, serene vocal bits, and pacifying percussive elements, ‘Black Coffee’ offers the perfect vehicle to slip into a mesmerizing musical abyss.

Download ‘Black Coffee’ Here

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Feb 252014

Beginning Friday March, 14th, Circus Records will be touching down in Denver, Colorado, at The Beta Nightclub for the first stop on the Grand Central Tour. The UK based label, headed by bass music icons Flux Pavillion and Doctor P, will be taking over some major North American cities throughout the month of March, kicking of in The Centennial State and capping off the run in Buffalo at the Town Ballroom. The tour will be bringing the likes of Flux Pavilion, Doctor P, Cookie Monsta, Lets Be Friends, Mizuki and some additional, undisclosed surprise guest to places like Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Toronto. Tickets are as low at $20 in some location so be sure to snag these up while they last and check out the Circus 2.5 compilation that stormed the web earlier in the year.

Tour & Line-up Details

  • March 14 – Denver – Beta Nightclub – Buy Tickets – Doctor P / Cookie Monsta / Mizuki
  • March 15 – Dallas – Lizard Lounge – Buy Tickets – Doctor P / Cookie Monsta / Mizuki
  • March 20 – New Orleans – Republic – Buy Tickets – Doctor P / Cookie Monsta / Mizuki
  • March 21 – Minneapolis – Skyway Theatre – Buy Tickets – Doctor P / Cookie Monsta / Mizuki
  • March 22 – Toronto – Adelaide Hall – Buy Tickets – Doctor P / Cookie Monsta / Mizuki
  • March 25 – Miami – Grand Central – Buy Tickets – Flux Pavilion / Doctor P / Cookie Monsta / Lets Be Friends / Mizuki + More TBC
  • March 28 – Atlanta – Opera Nightclub – Buy Tickets – Doctor P / Cookie Monsta / Mizuki
  • March 29 – Buffalo – Town Ballroom – Buy Tickets – Doctor P / Cookie Monsta / Mizuki

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Feb 242014

This year we have been delivered a handful of album releases from some of electronic music’s top performers, from The Glitch Mob and Big Gigantic, to Gramatik and SAVOY. Yet in the midst of all those compilations, it should be argued that The Noisy Freaks‘s highly anticipated ‘Straight Life’ album rivals the recent albums of those previously mentioned artists, and perhaps even surpasses them in the level of musical complexity, diversity, and ingenuity that it embraces.

‘Straight Life’ was recently released via Tasty Records and yes, it will undoubtedly receive less attention than Big G’s ‘The Night Is Young’ and The Glitch Mob’s ‘Love Death Immortality’. But if you take a deep look into what ‘Straight Life’ has to offer, you will most likely find that it has much more to offer than the albums currently creating a buzz in the mainstream realm of electronic music.

Spanning eleven, full length and meticulously polished productions, The Noisy Freaks’s ‘Straight Life’ album is by far one of the most diverse and unique releases that has surfaced in 2014, and is easily the most advanced release, technically and musically, that the duo has put out in their entire career. ‘Straight Life’ literally offers something for every electronic music listener, satiating cravings of progressive and electro-house fans to dubstep and glitch-hop aficionados. With that said, it is ill advised to pigeonhole any piece of this compilation into a genre as it embraces influences from turntablism, swing, drum and bass, funk, soul, house, hip-hop, disco, and so much more.

A riveting chef d’oeuvre, ‘Straight Life’ epitomizes and embodies what an all-encompassing amalgamation of musical styles fused into an electronic music overtone would sound like, and in a world where free music prevails over priced music, this is the ultimate exception as there is no price-tag that could truly reflect the value of what The Noisy Freaks have birthed with ‘Straight Life’. Their debut album is available now on Beatport, iTunes, Bandcamp, and Spotify, courtesy of Tasty Records.

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