Heady | adj. \’he-dē \

1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

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Ananda - Dripped [Free Download]

Ananda – Dripped [Free Download]

In the spirit of the High Holiday this Sunday, here is something superbly chill for your listening pleasure. If you are a fan of Austrailian phenomenon Flume, you will definitely like this jam from Colorado based producer Ananda. Going way beyond just a simple hip-hop

Shock Therapy - Shock! [Free Download]

Shock Therapy – Shock! [Free Download]

The weekend is just about here, and I’ll bet everyone needs a little something heavy to get the party started. Colorado based producer Shock Therapy has just what the doctor ordered. “Shock!” is a brutal dub/drumstep jam with some elements of trap snuck in there

Jibbs - Chain Hang Low (BearsOhMy Booty Mix) [Free Download]

Jibbs – Chain Hang Low (BearsOhMy Booty Mix) [Free Download]

Remember the rapper Jibbs? That’s okay—neither does anyone else. But I am willing to bet that you remember his one hit “Chain Hang Low” because most of you probably did a little bumping & grinding to it at a high school dance or something along

Jessie Andrews - You Won't Forget Tonight Feat. Comets We Fall

Jessie Andrews – You Won’t Forget Tonight Feat. Comets We Fall

Jessie Andrews, the LA native, is quite the extraordinary person. Dabbling in so many things at once, from modeling to DJing to touring, she still has time to synthesize some amazing music. In this house track featuring Comets We Fall, Jessie Andrews crafts such an

Booty Sweat Vol. 8

Booty Sweat Vol. 8

Tomorrow U-Foria and Electronica Weekly will be hosting their 8th installment of their notorious Booty Sweat event at the Hat Factory in Richmond, Virginia! The lineup features headliner Tittsworth and Des McMahon who will be accompanied by fellow,– local producers Rud3Cash, Phil Dice, and more.

Cherub - Disco Shit

Cherub – Disco Shit

If you like funky electronic/disco music, feel-good vocals, great vibes, and making love to beautiful women while doing cocaine, chances are that you would enjoy Cherub. Always a crowd pleaser, this jazzy duo is finally making some waves and getting the credit that they deserve,

Flight Facilities - Stand Still feat. Micky Green (Slow Magic Remix)

Flight Facilities – Stand Still feat. Micky Green (Slow Magic Remix)

Being self described as the sound made by an unknown imaginary friend, Slow Magic’s music is exactly just that. The melodic house sound and the original sounds of Flight Facilities, make this such an incredible auditory sensation. This new up and coming sound of blended

Kygo – Diplo and Friends Mix [Free Download]

Kygo – Diplo and Friends Mix [Free Download]

Kygo, the 22 year old producer from Norway, is at the forefront of the future of electronic music. Kygo is his own genre of music, which blends elements of tropical house, indie and so many other electronic genres into one. This is an incredible mix

ZHU - Paradise Awaits.

ZHU – Paradise Awaits.

Who is the mysterious Zhu? Many have speculated and none have been right so far, or have they? Since the drop of the Outkast’s remix of ‘Superfriends’, there has been non-stop talk about this amazing new artist. Last week the announcement came that Zhu will

Jagwar Ma - Uncertainty (Charles Murdoch Remix)

Jagwar Ma – Uncertainty (Charles Murdoch Remix)

Charles Murdoch is the epitome of the future house sound that is starting to gain so much attention. This chill, ambient producer of indie sounds only started releasing tracks under his name a few years ago, but has since amassed such a large following. Under